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NACOPRW-SoCal Website 2016
Celebrating its 18th Anniversary
Chartered in 1998
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President's Message

Anaida Colón-Muñiz ¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our National Conference of Puerto Rican Women's website of the Southern California chapter (NACOPRW-SoCal)! We are pleased that you visited us and can learn more about what we do.

Since 1972, our parent NACOPRW organization has dedicated itself to promoting the civic and cultural participation of Puerto Rican women and other Latinas in the economic, social and political life in the United States and Puerto Rico. We hold an annual national convention in one of our nine sister states to gather our chapter membership for professional and cultural development. At the national level, our organization collaborates with a number of organizations including Vision 20-20, the National Women's Coalition, and the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, which works alongside over 16 national organizations.

Our local chapter serves the southern California region at the present time. It focuses on local and national efforts to uplift women and girls as well as to affirm and celebrate our Puerto Rican culture. We promote the values of our heritage through cultural activities and engage in raising awareness of social issues relative to Puerto Rico. We also support the efforts that value the work of women through our integration with women groups and organizations.

For example, our cultural events reinforce our Spanish language and celebrate the many traditions, foods, music and social interactions we cherish and wish to pass on to our youth. We also celebrate events in December to emulate the celebrations in Puerto Rico. We proudly sponsor an annual event for girls and their moms called, De Mujer a Mujercita (From Women to Little Women). During this half day event we offer workshops on a number of topics that support the personal, cultural, social, college, and career development of girls 13-18 and their moms. Additionally, we support the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure each year in collaboration with Latinas Race for the Cure Team, which unites Hispanic Nurses, MANA and other Latino organizations.

As is our custom for our 18 years in existence in Southern California, we will host several wonderful events for our members in the Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside region. If you are interested in membership, please see the Membership Enrollment information on our site. Also, please feel free to inquire about participation in one or more of our cultural events. We hope to hear from you soon!

Un saludo cordial Boricua,

Anaida Colón-Muñiz, Ed.D.
NACOPRW-SoCal President 2016

President's Guanín

Guanín Presidencial The guanín is a symbol of leadership used in the Taíno culture by the chief or cacique. NACOPRW-SoCal uses the guanín as a symbol of our heritage and leadership. It passes on from president to president in the tradition of the Taínos.

Taíno society was matrilineal. Name and status were inherited from one's mother and social standing was reckoned such that women might outrank men, even if men usually held political power. The caciques and their families were at the top of the social hierarchy. The mothers, sisters and grandmothers held especially high status. NACOPRW-SoCal's guanín is a design and creation of the chapter's co-founder, D.E. Castro Paden.

NACOPRW-SoCal's Executive Board 2016

2016 Executive Board

A. Colón Muñiz, President
M. Rexach, 1st VP
M. Nubia-Feliciano, 2nd VP
A. Mener, Treasurer
L. C. Almodóvar-Solé, Secretary

NACOPRW-SoCal Purpose and Goals

The NACOPRW-SoCal chapter strives to:

  1. Educate Puerto Rican and other Hispanic women of their rights; identify and develop leadership skills as a way to enhance their status as members of our society.

  2. Assist its membership in taking responsibility for the development and maintenance of their Puerto Rican heritage by providing networking opportunities, enrichment activities and a supportive atmosphere.

  3. Organize educational, social, and cultural events to: disseminate, promote and increase community awareness of the Puerto Rican culture (including but not limited to its manifestations in the arts, literature, economy, government, traditions, education, sports, history, geography, language); establish and maintain ties with other Puerto Ricans to maintain our ethnic identity; preserve and promote the use of the Spanish language as an essential part of our cultural heritage.

  4. Provide unity, and cohesiveness within the Puerto Rican communities; develop awareness of our contribution to the welfare of the community.

  5. Collaborate with other organizations, foster close ties among NACOPRW chapters, and establish a network for the accomplishment of our purpose and goals.